Why does Apple face a discrimination suit?

| Apr 6, 2021 | Sexual Discrimination |

Instances of discrimination in the workplace can occur at corporations of any size. Apple has found itself named in a discrimination suit, something that might concern employees in New Jersey. Anyone reading the news reports about the tech giant’s legal case might wonder about remedies in court that exist for the discrimination they’ve faced at their own places of employment.

The Apple discrimination case

A female engineer filed a lawsuit against Apple noting micromanagement claims, exclusions from meetings and non-receipt of bonuses. The case does not seemingly focus on Apple’s corporate culture but addresses alleged treatment by two specific managers.

Besides sex discrimination, the lawsuit alleges religious and racial discrimination. No judgment or settlement took place with the civil case. However, a judge in California’s Superior Court did rule against Apple’s request to dismiss the case, so litigation will proceed. Per the court, the evidence presented by the plaintiff was sufficient enough to move forward. Time will reveal how the civil litigation concludes.

Lawsuits based on workplace discrimination

When someone faces discrimination in the workplace, options exist to take action. A civil suit represents one such path. Filing an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint might be another.

Those attempting to sue for discrimination will likely need a strong, evidence-based argument that counters the defendant’s claims. Examples of evidence might include copies of emails, photos or witness testimony from fellow employees who witnessed the discriminatory behavior. An employment law attorney may assist clients with presenting such a case by helping obtain and organize compelling evidence.

Discrimination in the workplace might happen whether an employee is an entry-level hire or a top manager. Victims of discrimination may wish to discuss their situation with an attorney.