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The Corporate Transactional Practice Group, as the name suggests, specializes in transactional law. To put it simply, we are concerned with business transactions and typically work with clients in the business world, overseeing business transactions and protecting the interests of the business and parties working together within the business.

Effective representation in the corporate/transactional field only begins with legal and technical expertise. It also requires good listening skills, a commitment to understanding the nature of a client’s business, and an unwavering focus on achieving optimal results. The attorneys in our Group have the legal expertise necessary to ensure that any contract or agreement is in the best interests of the client while navigating through potentially problematic loopholes. Our practice blends the broad perspective required to understand the apparent and subtle ramifications of decisions concerning the businesses of our clients, and the breadth of experience necessary to advise on the most sophisticated issues and applications of law.

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At CMS, we take our relationships with our clients seriously and personally. We take the time to get to know our clients, and understand your business and its needs. We work hard, and prioritize accessibility. We respond to all calls and emails promptly and thoughtfully. We are honest with our advice and strive to provide the most accurate and excellent counseling.

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