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Summary Of Service:

Our CMS litigation team provides local counsel services to out-of-state plaintiffs and defendants throughout the State of New Jersey in both state and federal court. We have a strong relationship with New Jersey bar, and we are familiar with the unique legal issues that arise when a business or individual is sued in another state. We are highly experienced with local rules and local court practices, discovery and deposition oversight, substantive pre-trial motion and briefing practice, motion filing, service of process, and trial management support.

Our trial attorneys can tailor our services to meet each individual client’s needs. Our level of involvement can range from taking the lead role in the litigation process while allowing an out-of-state client’s in-house or primary attorney to assist with strategic decisions, or simply serving a pro hac vice admission and a local contact. We can attend all status and pre-trial conferences, trials, and all mediation conferences.

We are capable of successfully managing matters involving:

  • Corporate and commercial litigation
  • Employment litigation
  • Banking litigation
  • General civil litigation
  • Personal Injury and related insurance disputes
  • Appellate matters in all state and federal courts

Primary Service Contact:

Benjamin C. Curcio | 973-226-4534x201 |

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