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What to do After Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination is a term that indicates an employee’s firing was illegal. For the most part, many firings will be legal, but here are cases when the employer wrongfully fires their employee. It can be hard to know whether your termination was legal or illegal. If you are unsure of the legality of your termination, contact Curcio Mirzaian Sirot LLC.

Or, you can read this article. In it, we will tell you all the steps you need to take after your wrongful termination.

Steps to take after wrongful termination

When you are fired, you will want to take the following steps. Following these to the letter will improve your case if you suspect that you’ve been wrongfully terminated.

Ask why you were terminated.

Although it may be an uncomfortable topic, you have the right to ask your employer why you are being let go. You can also ask who made the decision to fire you, and you can ask to look over your personnel file. Although you cannot be guaranteed that your employer will be completely honest with you, this process will help you gain important information about whether or not your termination is legal.

If you suspect that your employer is not being honest in their reporting of the reasons for your firing, contact an employee’s rights lawyer right away.

Stay off social media. 

Typically, being let go from a position does not inspire positive thoughts about our employers. However, resist the urge to unload on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or another social media site. As you probably know, anything put online stays there forever. So, if you were to write a lot of negative or offensive things about your former employer online, that could expose you to liability down the line.

Follow all employer policies.

Just as we recommend not bad mouthing your employer on social media, we also highly recommend that you follow all of your employer’s termination policies. Return all of the company’s property. You should also follow any procedures for post-employment that your employer requires.

Contact Curcio Mirzaian Sirot LLC. 

Employees wrongfully terminated in New Jersey and New York should contact Curcio Mirzaian Sirot LLC.  We have the best employment attorneys in the area. We understand that being wrongfully terminated is a complicated and emotionally/financially trying time.

Let our employment attorneys guide you through the process and get you the resolution you deserve. Contact Curcio Mirzaian Sirot LLC today.

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